The Cuban Brothers

The CB's 2016 Official Calendar

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Image of The CB's 2016 Official Calendar

The CB's 2016 Wall Calendar

- Limited Edition
- A3 Wall Calendar
- 12 Month
- Spiral Bound
- Full Colour Print

'Jesus Christ died on a cross for us...what a beautiful guy he was. A lot of people over the years have drawn comparisons between Miguelito and Jesus, both carpenters sons, both enjoying the company of ladies in the sexy favour industry, lovers of fish and wine, huge army's of fans and disciples, so to celebrate the birth of "the Lord" we have decided to give you this beautiful hand made Limited Edition Cuban Brothers calendar featuring images of these extraordinary gentleman performers on location in Paris, London and Rochdale. What a perfect Xmas gift for friends and family and if you buy today you will receive a free gift from Miguel's big red sac and a chance to glance the Maestro's every single day for the year to come.

So don't hesitate friends of yes these calendars are strictly limited edition and will not be available very long. What a mindbummingly beautiful gift for someone special in your life. Allow it!! Have some!! Merry Xmas friends and a sexy favour-full New Year to one and all.
Thank you Jesus and Miguel, James Brown and Barbara Streisand.'